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You agree to only create 1 account.


By joining 18 Dollar Lifestyle System you agree to receive occasional emails from admin about any updates on features, fixes or additional services and to make sure that you mark bounce@18dollarlifestyle.com as not spam.

You agree to only set up 1 account per household per our Terms Of Service.

Any attempt to set up more then 1 account per household will be considered a violation of our Term Of Service and ALL accounts will be terminated and ALL commissions forfeited.


18 Dollar Lifestyle System is an automated marketing/membership training system that teaches you in step-by-step processes how to build your 4 Corners Alliance Group business.

If you choose to upgrade your account you will have access to multiple streams of income as your referrals go through the step-by-step systems to build their business.

18 Dollar Lifestyle System does not make any promises written or implied as to the amount of money that can be made from 18 Dollar Lifestyle System or 4 Corners Alliance Group itself.

It is your responsibility to make sure your email address for your payment processor accounts are correct.

Commission payments made to the wrong account because of an incorrectly entered id is your responsibility.

Should your account at your payment processors be locked or restricted for any reason, that is also your responsibility.

18 Dollar Lifestyle System will not be held liable.

18 Dollar Lifestyle System also has a built in Revshare System which gives you the opportunity of advertising your business and possibly earning an income by sharing revenue with other qualifed members.


The 18 Dollar Lifestyle Revshare System an advertising system that allows members to passively advertise their business and provide an opportunity to make money with us through our revenue sharing system. This is not an investment system and we do not guarantee that you will earn any income from the revshare system.


You agree that in order for you to qualify for daily revshare, you must click a minimum of 10 ads per day and have at least 1 currently active ad pack share in your account.

We are not responsible for your revenue share should you decide not to be an active member to earn your share.


In order to earn revenue share, you must have at least 1 active ad pack in the system. Your balance will accrue each hour for a period of 24 hours as long as you qualify by viewing a minimum of 10 ads per day.

The more ad packs you purchase, the more money you can make.

Each ad pack matures at 150% and once your ad pack expires you can no longer earn revenue from it and will need to purchase more to continue earning revenue.


We cannot and will not provide a time frame or guarantee you any earnings from our site. There's no way to put a time frame on it as we can only share revenue with members as long as we are making ad pack sales. If there are no ad pack sales, there will be no revenue to share. We do not share revenue on other services that we offer. Ad Pack sales are the only revenue sharing product that we offer.


For every ad pack your referrals purchase, you will receive a 12% commission. Your commissions can be requested via your payment processor of choice and your money will automatically be distributed to your account.

We are not responsible for lost funds due to entering an incorrect payment processor email address.


Any denied or returned payment processor funds are forfeited after a 30 day period.

Any unclaimed funds are forfeited after a 90 day period. All affected transactions dates will begin from the date the funds were sent.


Withdrawals are made per your request to the payment processor in which you've purchased ad packs with. You must have a minimum of $1.00 in your available funds to be able to request payment. You can not withdraw funds from your re-purchase balance.

There is currently a maximum withdrawal limit of $150 once per day. This value can and will change based on availability and the amount of income you have generated in your account. We can at anytime increase the amount of withdrawal per day, as well as how many times per day.



Since the various forms of advertising that you are purchasing are instantly added to your account, no refund will be provided. Also, referral commissions and profit sharing are instantly and automatically done. This process cannot be reversed. Therefore, no refunds will be provided.

Any refunds attempted will result in permanent loss of your account and you will forfeit any funds that are due to you.


We employ a re-purchase rule 50% of the revenue share earned from every ad pack. These funds will automatically go into your re-purchase balance and can be accumulated to repurchase more ad packs or buy PTC advertising services. This ensures longevity of the revshare system so that you will be able to continuously purchase ad packs. This will give you the best potential to always be in position to earn.


NO. We sell digital advertising services, not profits. We share our profits with members who purchase ad packs that come with various forms of advertising that consist of tokens, banner ads, text links, and website views which all differ based on the ad packages that are purchased and the membership level they are currently at.. There are no guarantees in the amount per day, week, month or year that you will receive your earnings, if any at all.

This is not an investment to earn income. You are purchasing digital-based products that come in the form of advertising for your business or website. You must remain qualified in the system to earn any revenue that is being purchased in the form of ad packs.

We make no guarantees that you will earn any kind of revenue from purchasing our ad packs and you can only earn revenue share from ad pack purchases. Other services we offer are not included into the revenue sharing system.


To qualify for revshare, you must click a minimum of 10 ads, each with a 20 second viewing time. There is no limit to the amount of ads you can surf as you earn free credits to advertise your own websites in the traffic exchange system.

If you decide to purchase our Revturbo Monthly Subscription, this instantly changes your qualification requirements. Instead of viewing 10 ads at 20 seconds, you only have to view 5 ads at 10 seconds.


All policies, rules and regulations are the final decision of 18 Dollar Lifestyle System.

We reserve the right to modify, add or change any policies as we deem necessary at any time.

All members agree that they will not hold 18 Dollar Lifestyle System liable for any items or policies within this program.


Members who do not upgrade their accounts are subject to their referrals joining in the programs within our step-by-step process under the first available upgraded member in the upline.

If you choose not to upgrade your account, you agree that you are giving up your referral signups in the programs within our step-by-step systems to the next upgraded member in your upline.


18 Dollar Lifestyle System has a zero tolerance for spam.

Anyone caught spamming will be deleted from the program and is subject to civil and criminal prosecution including up to $50,000 in fines.


We do not allow you to store commissions in your account balances that are due to you without being paid out for an extended length of time. If you have not initiated a payment request within 45 days of accumulating funds, an inactive fee will apply to your available balance as follows:

1.5% daily after 45 days of receiving funds if no payment request is initiated.

These fees are globally enforced. If a member accumulates $100 over a 45 day period and don't withdraw in that time, the system will start issuing the daily charge on the balance. If they withdraw on day 44, the countdown resets and can wait another 45 days before withdrawing again.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to withdraw all of your earnings, you just have to withdraw "something".

This fee is active for all balance systems such as Re-Purchase, Ad Pack Revenue, Available Commissions and PTC Commissions.


Re-purchase balance: balances OVER $5 will have a 1.5% daily fee.
Ad Pack Revenue balance: balances OVER $1 will have a 1.5% daily fee.
Available commission balance: balances OVER $1 will have a 1.5% daily fee.
PTC Commission balance: balances OVER $1 will have a 1.5% daily fee.

Why are we doing this? Taxes must be paid on these funds and we can not allow members to sit on any type of commissions as a result of having to pay taxes on those balances.


At the bottom of every email you receive from 18 Dollar Lifestyle System there is a delete link where you will be able to delete your account entirely.

If you delete your account you forfeit any downlines and commissions that you’ve accumulated and your account will not be restorable.


18 Dollar Lifestyle System requires all members to be FTC Compliant.

No false or misleading statements. You must be able to back up your claims with irrefutable proof if required to do so.

Please review FTC Guidelines, by creating your membership with 18 Dollar Lifestyle System, you agree to these conditions!

The following are grounds for termination of your account:

To send unsolicited emails to anyone that is not on your own personal double-optin list.

If this does not make sense to you, then do not include promotions for 18 Dollar Lifestyle System in emails.

To falsify user information provided to 18 Dollar Lifestyle System or to other users of the service in connection with 18 Dollar Lifestyle System, or any of it's other sites.

To use the 18 Dollar Lifestyle System name and URL via bought commercial bulk email lists.

18 Dollar Lifestyle System considers the above practices to constitute abuse of our service and of the recipients of such unsolicited mailings and/or postings who often bear the expense.

Therefore, these practices are prohibited by 18 Dollar Lifestyle System terms and conditions of service. Engaging in one or more of these practices will result in termination of the offender's account.

In addition, we have the right, where feasible, to implement technical mechanisms which block multiple postings as described above before they are forwarded.

Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed to limit 18 Dollar Lifestyle System actions or remedies in any way with respect to any of the foregoing activities.

18 Dollar Lifestyle System reserves the right to take any and all additional actions it may deem appropriate with respect to such activities, including without limitation taking action to recover the costs and expenses of identifying offenders and removing them from the program.

In addition, 18 Dollar Lifestyle System reserves at all times all rights and remedies available to it with respect to such activities at law or in equity.

We use IP tracking devices.

Any user that is found to blatantly violate this agreement will be banned from the program indefinitely and may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We may also make changes to these rules, regulations, and policies at any time.

By becoming a member of 18 Dollar Lifestyle System, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

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