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"Combining The Earning Power Of 4 Corners Alliance Group And The 18 Dollar Lifestyle System."

We've bridged the gap!

Let's face it, building a business by yourself can be an absolute nightmare!

4 Corners Alliance Group is an extremely POWERFUL money making system alone...

However, it severly lacks duplication.

Duplication is the single most important aspect of ANY business. If you don't have the ability to enable others to duplicate your success, how will they be able to do the same, or even join you for that matter?

Introducing The 18 Dollar Lifestyle System

Have you been struggling to really build your 4 Corners Alliance Group business?

Introducing one of the most POWERFUL affiliate systems to help you catapult your downlines in 4 Corners into new and exciting heights!

There is nothing like this anywhere, we can guarantee that!

Combining the income power of 4 Corners Alliance Group and the 18 Dollar Lifestyle System you have an incredible advantage to create unstoppable streams of income that will pay you for the rest of your life.

We teach you how in step-by-step processes on how to really build your 4 Corners Alliance Group business and really start generating money within a matter of days. The main goal is to get you in profit as soon as possible and with the 18 Dollar Lifestyle System you can plugin right now completely free!

It doesn't cost anything to plugin to our system and start using our capture pages to begin building your list and explode your signups in 4 Corners Alliance Group.

You're in for a real treat with our system. Not only can you build your 4 Corners Alliance Group business, but you are also able to market other opportunities within our system to our members and across our entire network of affiliated sites.

What does this mean for you? It means that you have stepped into one of the most powerful passive advertising and income generation systems online and you can start right now COMPLETELY free!

Take a look at some of our powerful features below...

Token Banner Ad System

Our popular Token Banner Ad System enables you to market any opportunity you would like in our system and your banner ads will show up on every page of our site, including networked pages on various sites all over the internet by members who've chosen to include our widgets on their websites.

Tokens can be acquired free by several different ways and you can use them to stock up on banner rotations for any opportunity you want to market throughout our system.

... and, depending on your membership level, you can have up to 3 running at the same time with 1 banner ad requiring no tokens ever!

That means you will always have 1 banner ad running without ever having to add additional tokens to them.

Powerful Traffic Resource System

Our traffic resource system allows you to advertise the traffic resources we have in our system by using tokens to apply to any or all of the traffic resources you've added into the system. You must be an upgraded member in order to be able to advertise the traffic resources in our system and have your referral links for the programs being displayed on our entire network.

On top of this major benefit, if you become an upgraded member you will also be receiving signups to these programs through your downlines that you refer and other members refer as well (if their referrer's aren't upgraded)

This basically means that even if your downline is 20 levels deep or more, if there are no upgraded members in the upline and you are, all of those people below you will be signing up through the traffic resources that you've signed up to and have included into your account. Powerful right?

Revshare Passive Advertising &
Income Generation System

Our powerful revenue sharing system enables you to passively advertise your business on all areas of our site and throughout our entire network of sites for each ad pack you purchase.

That means hundreds to thousands of visitors to your offers daily!

Ad Pack purchases start at just $5 up to $100 and they mature at 150% for every share that you have active in the system. That means you will be able to earn 50% more of what you've bought and each ad pack comes with 3 different forms of powerful advertising.

The only requirement to earn through our revshare system is that you must click 10 banner ads daily to qualify for revshare earnings.

Pass-Up Signups From Infinite Downlines

Here's just one more powerful reason why upgrading your account could be one of the smartest decisions you make this year...

As you begin to build your downline, and your downlines do the same, if someone in your downline isn't upgraded and they refer people into their downline, when their downline follows the step-by-step system we've created to build their 4 Corners Alliance Group business, they will be conditioned to go through your affiliate links that you've setup in your profile area.

If you aren't upgraded, your referrals will be signing up to those programs under the first available member in your upline that is upgraded.

Which basically means that by not having an upgraded account, you LOSE any and all chances of earning from any of the programs inside the system that your referral's sign up to.

... and, if you ARE upgraded, it doesn't matter if your downline is 20 levels deep to infinity, as long as there is no one upgraded below you, anyone in your lower levels will be joining ALL of the programs in the training system and also the 12+ traffic resource programs that are in the system underneath YOU!

Fully Integrated Eye-Catching Capture Pages

We've put together multiple capture pages that you can use absolutely free to build your list, your 4 Corners Alliance Group business and also generate income through our system all from one link.

As you begin to build your list, your leads will follow a specialized funnel that we've created that ensures they join you in 4 Corners and also your downline here at 18 Dollar Lifestyle System.

You have access to a rotating capture page with weighted ratios to test each capture page and comes complete with full stats!

Our capture pages attract the eyes of your visitors and enable you to get the results that you absolutely deserve. Try one or even all of them!

Earn Up To 50% Commissions On
Upgrades & Referral Purchases

One of the best benefits we offer is the ability of being able to earn commissions whenever your referrals make purchases or purchase an upgraded membership.

Depending on your membership level, you have the opportunity of being able to earn up to 50% commissions both one-time and monthly recurring! Upgrading your account definitely has it's perks...

Earn Through Multiple Streams Of Income

With 18 Dollar Lifestyle System, you not only have the ability to build your downline and explode your 4 Corners Alliance Group Business...

You also have the ability to earn through multiple streams of income that we have carefully selected and put together in a step-by-step system.

This system enables you to earn from multiple streams of income simply by actively referring people into your downline.
Your downline in turn joins some or all of the programs in the system to help duplicate other's success in hopes that they too can build their 4 Corners Business and generate the kind of money they've always dreamed of.

Join Right Now Completely Free

Yes, it's true. Our system 100% completely free to plugin to and start building your 4 Corners Alliance Group Business.

Even if you aren't currently a member of 4 Corners and don't want to join it just yet you can STILL use our system to make a ton of money and build multiple streams of income just from advertising ONE link!

Join right now, don't hesitate. Click the button below to get started and pay special attention to the presentation after confirming your email address.

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